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Coating White Paper Board Yellowing Solution


In coating white paper board making process, there are many factors influencing coating white paper board yellowing, so how to solve coating white paper boardyellowing?

How To Solve Coating White Paper Board Yellowing?

1. Coating paper process adjustment: All the base coating paper pulp fibers are bleached with chemical wood pulp, and the amount of top layer pulp is increased to enhance the coverage of the lining mechanical pulp.

2. Choose better quality liquid brightener: The use of liquid whitening agents can reduce the degree of yellowing of the coated white paper board. It ensures that the whiteness is improved while the yellowing effect is significantly lower than the powdered whitening agent.

3. Reasonable application of color pigments: The use of color pigments is to maximize the whiteness, reduce the amount of fluorescent brighteners, and balance different chemical raw materials to achieve the desired hue. In order to reduce the yellowing of coated white paper, the use of color pigments requires not only easy operation, good affinity, but also high lightfastness. So it’s best to use high quality organic pigments.

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