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200T/D Waste Paper Processing Line

Leizhan company is a professional paper making machine and stock preparation system equipment manufacture with over 40 years rich experience. Leizhan can supply the complete set of waste paper processing line equipment for the different production capacity.

Waste Paper Processing Line Details

First, waste paper will be transported intoD type hydrapulper by Chain conveyor for pulping.
Then, the pulp will be transported into High density cleaner for cleaning heavy impurities.
After that, the pulp will be conveyed into Mid consistency coarse screen, Light impurity separator, Fiber separator, Lip screen, Fine screen for coarse screen, fine screen, tailing treatment of paper pulp.
In addition to that, Mid density cleaner, Low density cleaner group will be applied for further pulp cleaning.
Moreover, Double disc refiner will be applied for improving pulp breaking degree.

Leizhan is committed to supply advanced waste paper processing line equipment for paper project. Even if you encounter difficulties during production, our professional also will provide technical support.
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