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7T Tissue Paper Production Line Machine

Due to the large demand for tissue paper, low production cost and clean environment, many customers have started tissue paper project. Leizhan offers full set of 7t tissue paper production line machine and professional technical support based on your requirements.

Main 7T Tissue Paper Pulping Line Machine

Vertical Hydrapulper: 3m³ h=8mm, C=3~5%, Power: 37kwh
High Density Cleaner: Q=900~1400l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Conical refiner: Ø350mm C=3~5%, Power: 55kwh
Double Disc Refiner: Ø380mm C=3~5%, Power: 37kwh
Pulp Chest Agitator: Ø700mm 40~60m³ C=3~5%, Power: 5.5kwh

7T Tissue Paper Machine Parameters

Basis Weight: 18-30 g/㎡
Trimmed Width: 2400mm
Working Speed: 150m/min
Capacity: 7 tons/day
Control Type: PLC

Experienced engineers, strict production process and advanced technology, all of them ensure a top quality of our paper machine products. If you are interested, feel free to contact us or leave your email or whatsapp on this website.

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