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Napkin Paper Making Line Machine Manufacturer


Napkin paper roll machine can use waste paper(such as waste books, news paper, used office paper, waste paper edge from printing factory ), virgin pulp as material to make high quality napkin paper.

Leizhan engineers design the whole napkin paper pulp and paper making line solution for paper plants to produce high grade napkin paper.

Pulp Processing Line

Hydrapulper-Dump pump-High density cleaner–Inclined thickener-Pulp chest agitator-Pulp pump-Conical refiner–Double disc refiner-Pulp chest agitator-Pulp pump

Nakpin Paper Making Machine

Trimmed width: 1575-3600mm

Work speed: 180-800m/min

GSM: 12-40g/m2

Capacity: 5-50t/d



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