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JNS Series Energy-Saving Pressure Screen

Application and features
1、Upflow design, bottom inlet, reduce heavy impurities and rotor and screen basket contact,
prolong the life of the equipment
2、Lower energy consumption, greatly reducing the power consumption of screening section
3、Specially designed rotor, better screening effect

Model 0.9 1,5 2 3 4
Screen area(㎡) 1.07 1.81 2.26 3.28 4.0
Hole size(mm)  Ø1.6- Ø3.5
Slot size(mm) 0.1-0.65
Inlet consistency(%) 1-4
Capacity(mm) 180-220 220-360 300-450 440-660 600-800
Motor Power(KW) 37-55 55-75 75-90 90-110 110-160

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