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Drilled Screen Cylinder for Pressure Screen


Drilled Screen Cylinder is an essential element of Pressure screen used in pulp processing line, Leizhan delivers various specification and models Drilled screen cylinder for meeting various needs of paper mills. Leizhan-manufactured stainless steel Drilled screen cylinder has the advantages of advanced technology, high machining accuracy, long service life.

Specification of Drilled Screen Cylinder

1. Materials: SS201, 304, 316, 316L
2. Hardness: chrome-plated 200-250 micron, electrical polished
3. Standard perforation diameter: more than φ1.2mm
4. Plate thickness:6mm-12mm
5. Screen slot: more than 0.1mm
6. Plate thickness: 6mm-12mm
7. Bar coating guarantee more than 0.20 mm

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