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Effect of Paper Machine Press Section


Press part of paper machine is used for removing water of the paper web and increasing sheet dryness to improve web runnability at the beginning of the dryer section. The higher the dry content of the paper web after leaving the press section, the less energy has to be expended in subsequent drying.

Press section’s mainly task is for dewatering the paper, the press also has a big influence on the paper’s quality characteristics. It decisively influences thickness and volume, as well as the surface characteristics, of the paper. Along with a high volume, high-quality paper also requires a smooth surface that is identical on both sides.

Leizhan press technology has been successfully applied in many paper and board production projects. Leizhan’s press significantly improves quality and adds dewatering capacity in the press section with fewer press nips. The resulting high dryness gives high wet web strength, which is important in minimizing breaks in the open draw to the dryer section.


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